For over 40 years, Sime has been guaranteeing customers' heating and hot water comfort through manufacturing some of the most advanced heating and hot water solutions available. You the customer have full control over the temperature of your home along with plenty of hot water on demand to suit your particular needs.

Thanks to continuous investment in research and development, Sime satisfies the needs of millions customers across the world through the manufacture of boilers for Residential and Commercial applications. Furthermore, Sime also is active in the sector of the renewable technologies, offering a wide range of solar collectors, heat pumps, hybrid and biomass boilers.

When designing a product, Sime considers the longer term recycling and/or eventual safe scrapping of each component used. Within the selection process used for choosing raw materials includes full consideration of their recycling characteristics. Sime also evaluates the environmental and health hazards involved in recycling and in the disposal of non-reusable waste items.

Sime constantly strives to keep the amount of transport packaging used for its products to the bare minimum required. Subsequent re-use is taken into account when selecting materials used for packaging.

With a proven reputation for quality, reliability, performance and efficiency, Sime offers you a full and extensive range of products to meet any application, giving you total choice and flexibility.